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The 180 Exchange desires to reach every man in Hampton Roads to promote and encourage fatherhood, manhood, and leadership in their homes.  This initiative will also encourage men to give back to the community by volunteering, mentoring younger men, and empowering them to be stronger fathers, men, and leaders. Join the Movement!

Parenting Classes

We provide the best parenting classes for every man. We give quality parenting courses through the a

We provide parenting classes for every man, through a nationally respected fatherhood organization.  We also provide incentives given to us by our generous donors for all men who come through our doors and complete classes with The 180 Exchange! We will equip each father with the tools they can use to Lead in their homes, Mentor in their communities, and Give back to their cities! 



Every man needs a "2AM Waffle House Friend"! 

No man should believe they have to go at this world alone. We provide mentors who will walk with you as you both will bring your imperfections to the table. 

Accountability will produce "Healthy Relationships". This will result in every man knowing that as they connect with The 180 Exchange, we have their best interest in heart. Every time you connect with us, you will be the priority and your thoughts will be valued as well. 

Help Our Cause

Your monthly support and contributions, will enable us to meet our goals to empower men in Newport News and the Hampton Roads area. Your generous donation will help fund our mission. 

*All monthly supporters will receive quarterly reports on everything that happens with The 180 Exchange Incorporated, and you will receive exclusive video messages about special events. 

Thank You For Your Support! 

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