Mr. Lloyd Hale

“One of the most meaningful things I’ve done for my role as a father is join Eddie’s fatherhood group.  It was life changing to learn side by side with a father who was currently being a strong husband, father and positive community agent.  I trusted Eddie to teach me, lead me and call me out on my laziness.  It’s because of this group and this relationship that my marriage is stronger than ever and I am confident as a father. I’ve gained lots of training in my role as a Wellness Recovery Specialist at Anthem Inc. but I am most proud to call myself Dr Dad and 24/7 Dad.”


mr. richard kim


“Thank you so much for the opportunity to be able to go through the class. It has been such an eye opening, learning experience in understanding manhood and our cultural misrepresentation of what it means to be a man. The 180 Exchange is such a blessing to this community, and I can’t wait to see how it grows.”


Mr. Devin cook


“My Doctor Dad experience was memorable. I went into this program unsure of what I was getting into; and came out feeling more confident in what I wa doing that I would have thought possible. You were a great example to watch. The fact that you told it like it was and not what i wanted to hear made me feel like i had someone in my corner outside of the course curriculum. Thank you again.”


mr. calvin brown


I’ve never met a brother like Pastor Eddie. Pastor Eddie took me in his home at a really low point in my life. I have seen him hands on with his family and witnessed him apply scripture to be a godly husband and a godly Father. I saw things that my father never showed me due to the fact that he didn’t know the Gospel but now I can say truly that I now know what God requires of me due to meeting Pastor Eddie. Even though we aren’t that far off in age difference I still look at him as almost the father I never had because of the lessons that I’ve learned through him if that makes sense. Now I have a mentor, brother and friend in him and motivation to be the man and  

father to my kids that God desires. 


Mr. erik d'water


“My name is Erik D'Water and I met Mr. Eddie in Charleston at the Lowcountry Pregnancy Center.  I grew up without a father present in my home, and although he met my needs financially through child support, my father was never there for me emotionally or psychologically and as an adult I didn't possess all of the skills and tools needed to be the best father I could be. My relationship with my sons were strained and I knew that i needed to change my parenting style for not just their best interest but mine as a father as well. I attended fatherhood classes with Mr Eddie from 2014 to 2015 while my wife was pregnant with our daughter. When I started taking the class i can admit that I was more like my father and I lacked patience which I believe was my biggest challenge to overcome. Mister Eddie reached out to me and gave me the tools and knowledge needed in order to become the father that I never had as a child. Today my relationship with all four of my children is open and loving and they know they can always come to me when they need me not just financially but more important emotionally, and I have Mister Eddie to thank for that.

Mr. Eddie is one of the best men and fathers I have ever met. He helped me learn and grow as a man and father during my time there and we grew a personal relationship since. Even after he moved from Charleston to build churches and reach out to more fathers across the Eastern seaboard, Mr Eddie never forgot about me and kept in touch with me to see how my family and I were doing ever since. He is one of the most faithful, caring fathers and positive, knowledgeable, sincere and integral, spiritual role models I have ever met. I support him in everything he does through the power of Christ.”